Monday, January 31, 2011

Pick a Winner

You have to admit, Oscar season is fun.  Watching rich, powerful, stylish celebrities engage in the sort of popularity contest we escaped after high school graduation is gratifying, bringing back memories of the time you saw "Carabella", the most popular mean girl in the history of the earth walk around with an undetected booger in her nose during an entire lunch hour.   Ahhhh, good times, good times.  

Now don't you worry your pretty little noggin if you haven't seen all the nominees for best picture.  That is why you come to Larainy Days isn't it?  To be educated in all the finer things. Here is a tutorial that will have you up to speed in no time.

The Social Network
The story of a mean geek turning into a rich freak

Forget everything your mother ever taught you 
about drinking your own urine and pocket knife safety

 The tale of a brave girl shooting squirrels for dinner 
who gives her worthless meth dealing dad a hand

 Watching Inception will screw with your perception 
leaving you with misconceptions 
unless you are an exception

 Rooster Cogburn babysits, drinks and kills
bad guys with one eye tied behind his back

The frightening fake baby will haunt your dreams forever

Punching, sweat, and loose teeth; it's kindergarten all over again.

A tender tale of raising goats in the suburbs

You're not the only one who hates public speaking

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Sue said...

Nobody does it better!


Pondside said...

Thank you - no time to pay close attention right now, so this will help me feel au courant!

Darlene said...

Boy! I am so out of the loop. We haven't been to a movie for so long. I have to admit we haven't seen ANY of the movies that are up for nomination. I seem to have lost my desire to go out to a movie. I hope that's not what getting old does to one. It WILL be weird watching the oscars this year though. Hopefully, we can get to at least one before the big night.

just call me jo said...

Thank heavens you cleared up all my questions. I never go to the movies, but we did see True Grit. Then I watched the old True Grit Saturday and now I'm all confused... Did you know Glen Campbell was Matt Damon? Freaked me out.

Cherie said...

Can you believe I have only seen 3 of those! I liked True Grit! Gooooo GRIT!!

jen said...

I vote for Rooster Tucker, I mean Cogburn.
Go Jeff, Go!

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Hollywood isn't ready for you. LOL Inception has my vote!

ChristineMarie said...

Why read anything else about the Oscars after reading this? You just summed it up perfectly.

john said...

i love Hollywood..! This is very interesting blog.

karen said...

I think you summed that up very nicely.