Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Delusions of Wrongness

Now I realize the following will strain your credulity (and a strained credulity tends to be quite painful but responds well to Ibuprofen). Once in a while someone who does not know me as well as you do dear reader, asks,

"Larainy, are you ever wrong?"

After I wipe up the Diet coke that I have spewed on hearing such a ridiculous suggestion and after I have wiped the tears of laughter from my beautiful blue eyes, I will modestly prevaricate, 

"Oh you silly, of course I have been wrong before."

And then I say a quick prayer of forgiveness for lying; pondering all the while if it can really be counted as a "lie" if the "lie" is told in the spirit of humility so that a lesser person won't feel so inadequate.

I do recall a hazy memory somewhere back in the misty swirling past where I thought I was wrong about something and admitted that I had erred but then I turned out to be wrong about being wrong.  It was so embarrassing!

But just in case, dear reader, you think that you, like me, are never wrong...let's do a little experiment.
Which square is darker?  A or B?

Of course you are wrong because you chose A and you don't have my sterling record of never being wrong (except for that one time when I thought I was wrong, but I was wrong about being wrong)
Don't believe me?

 Wrong again!  A and B are the same depressing shade of gray.

If you guessed wrong, please be honest and send me the $500 you bet me in your mind.  I accept Visa, Paypal and Canadian Currency, which is currently beating the dollar all to heck.


~Nicole Ducleroir~ said...

Ooh, I love optical illusions. But this one is freaking me out. Even with the bars in place, A looks darker. Maybe they manipulated the color of the bars, shading them darker as they go up...

Yikes, sounds like I don't like to be wrong, either! LOL

Fun post!

Anna M said...

wow, you got me again. Your un-wrongness and humility continues to astound me.

Sue said...

I never knew how truly wrong I could be until just now.

Thank you.


Mrs. Beer said...

There is no freakin way those are the same shades of gray. I want my $500 mind dollars back.

mary said...

Your blog is wild. I never know what might be coming around the curves you throw; it's like wading along in a sandy creek and suddenly falling into one of those black bends: you are in over your head and all wet. I do enjoy your posts.

jen said...

I'll go dig out my Canadian currency.