Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My name is Nixon and I am not a Crook

My guest blogger today is my dog, who stole my camera and took pictures of his dog kingdom since he is not allowed in the house which is a people kingdom.  WARNING:  He is not well trained

Nixon...take it away.

We'll start with my best feature, which is my smooth furry hiney to which is attached my beguiling tail;  tipped in a white so brilliant that it rivals the new fallen snow sparkling under the cruel winter sun.  When I wave it to and fro it is mesmerizing to birds which is how I caught this one.

Oh don't give me those groans of disgust.  I'm a beagle and I come from a long line of distinguished hunters.  Okay, I actually came from Peoria, but I'm sure my grandpappy was a hunter, probably in England where they get to kill foxes, not wimpy grackles.  Grackles taste like crap.

This is the corner of my canine condo.  This is where I planned to woo the lady beagles until I took a spa vacation at Petco and came home feeling strangely neutral.

This is the tree I peed into greatness.

I have a side job harvesting vegetables from the garden.  I am trying to save my masters from nasty vegetables.

Sometimes I lie under this bench and pretend they are prison bars and that I have been sentenced to the gulag for selling family secrets to the Russians in exchange for a delicious sack of pig ears from Costco.  

This is my basil plant for when I want to redecorate my kingdom with pesto poop.

My name is Nixon
and I was named after 
a watch
a President.


Sunshine and Shadows said...

I love his condo. Too funny.

Joanne Fox said...

Oh Nixon, did you eat that whole bird? Yukk!

Lanie said...

Thanks for showing us around Nixon. You are too cute!

Sue said...

Nixon is one outstanding pooch.


Marti said...

Loved the tour, and so did Hubby. Is Nixon signing autopawgraphs yet?