Thursday, June 10, 2010

Not Only the Carpet Was Red

It is so sad that many of you, my dear readers, are so out of touch with the beeyoooteefull people currently being adored by the rest of the world, that I am forced to inform you about a recent cultural highlight called

The M.T.V. awards

These awards are given to people who watch the M.OST T.V. and as you would expect, it is a GREAT HONOR!!!  

Celebrities come from far and wide to see which of their friends has chalked up the most hours sitting on their bum during the past year   and famous people brush their teeth, dress up and prance around for the cameras.  

Since you missed it, I am going to recap some of the most exciting red carpet moments so you won't feel like such an old geezer if somebody much cooler than you asks you about it.

 Of course the first celeb on the scene is always Miss Gay Paree Hilton, who was in such a rush to beat the crowd she just wore the feathers that stuck to her tanning oil after the huge pillow fight she had with her sister Nicky in their Hilton Hotel room 
(which she stays in for free)

This little lady recently returned from a successful bass fishing trip 
and is proudly wearing her catch around her neck.  
Looks like she caught her limit!

Some men are bothered by their 
diminutive stature (aka paltry elevation)
others, like Seth Green, date tall women who 
can reach the Pepto Bismol from the 
medicine cabinet on top of the refrigerator 
without standing on their pedicured toes

Here she is, fresh from "Blue Day" at kindergarten
and "Invisible Day" at Skanky School, Miss Katie Perry

Hey, how did my plumber get in?

Poor Christina, looks like she tried to clean up 
the oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico all by herself. 

 Oh I'm so confused, which is the "Rock"
which is the figure skater?

Proud new owner of a double wide 
recently installed in Waldo's Trailer Town,
Miss Lindsay Lohan

Shaun White has discovered the joy
of the nude adult onesie 

Now go plomp down on your 
lazy bum and catch up on your TV.  
Keeping you people cultured is wearing me out.

All images can be  found here


jen said...

That shot of Shaun White should be enough for the IOC to rescind his medal. He should be glad that I'm not in charge. EWW.

Sue said...

Shaun White is looking and acting like a Bozo. Sheesh.


Bev said...


Thank you for making me appreciate my life of obscurity and simplicity!

Marti said...

Thank you so much for the cultural enlightenment, but after seeing Shaun and Katie, I think I need to keep watching Bonanza reruns so I can keep my cookies down.

ChristineMarie said...


I love your blog. So so much.

incognito said...

You never told us which one is the Rock and which is the figure skater. I guess I am going to have to renew my subscription to Us magazine to find out.

Nishant said...

Thank you so much for the cultural enlightenment,
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