Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's Bear Season

I'm not much of a hunter

But if you've got

a gun to spare

I'll gladly shoot

this nasty bear

wearing the square

on his derriere.


Mrs. Beer said...

What a CHARMINg poem. See what I did there?

Anna M said...

I always get those squares stuck on my upper behind.

You're welcome

Sue said...



Sarah said...

Ugh! Can't stand the fuzz!

Janet Johnson said...

Very cute bear. Meeting cartoon bears is much better than the real variety.

Cherie said...

I always think that commercial is so funny - Have we seen bears in the wild with tp on their bear bums? Ha ha

Hi - I saw you came to visit my blog awhile back and I have had all this drama in my life (major surgery) and had not had a chance to come say "Hi". I look forward to following your blog - I love making new blog friends :D