Sunday, June 13, 2010

Things You Should Not Buy Used

Since I bruise like an old banana, and tend to walk into walls, I would probably be dead now if I didn't have a husband that the kids call 

"Mr Safety"

So in my concern for you, dear readers, may I offer my own well researched safety tips:


1.  A country.  

I hear Greece is for sale but it is extremely old, most of the buildings are in ruins and all they have left in the treasury are 18,000 kilograms of i.o.u.s and some wizened olives.   
Not a good deal!


2.  A Hairstyle


Just because Aunt Cynthia's hairstyle looks marvelous on her and has carried her to great heights in the world of fashion, snagged her the man of her dreams and immersed her in the world of international intrigue, doesn't mean it will look good on you.  
Dream up your own original poufy extravaganza!

3.  Homework   

Every English teacher in America is tired of hearing the same old story about how Romeo was an overbearing misogynist who caused guilt feelings in vulnerable young Juliet that caused her to become bulimic, drink poison, barf it up and come back to life only to find Romeo had killed himself to make her feel guilty.  SHE HAS HEARD IT ALL BEFORE!  

Quit buying used homework!


4.  Recipe Books

Think about it.  Do you really want to eat food made from a book that someone has tested and rejected?  Check the book for crumbs and spills.  If it is clean it is really a loser.  Leave it alone and call your mother.  Nothing thrills Mom like getting a call for her Rice Krispie Treats recipe.  She'll cry with gratitude.


Nicole MacDonald said...

underwear.. though really that goes without saying *lol*

Janet Johnson said...

Seriously about the hair! Just don't do it. :)

Anna M said...

But... the hair is totally coming back. I know it is. (the thrown-out recipe book sure has me rethinking my life, though)

laughingwolf said...

i hear some people[?] recycle their condoms! :(

but then, fathers' day IS next sunday :P lol

Sue said...

These are very good points you make. I will be more cautious about my purchases of used items in the future.


Rachael Jill said...

Oh come on!! Just think of the investment potential a country has where they take 3 hour naps every day!! HELLOOOO!!! Can you say, retirement community!!??

And I am still a little bit unfulfilled in my childhood experience having never owned a trampoline. Mr. Saftey strikes again...

Nishant said...

Seriously about the hair!!!
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Katie Bell said...

Fascinating, I did my own take on this subject on my blog. One on my list was lingerie. Perhaps you didn't add it because it's so obvious.