Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happiness: The Cure

We humans can only take only so many zippety doo dah days before we have the need to feel bad again and restore harmony to the universe. If you had been feeling far too good for far too long, why not come back down to earth by singing this little song.

My Least Favorite Things
(With apologies to Oscar Hammerstein II)

Bird poop on roses and mangy bald kittens
Aluminum kettles and moth eaten mittens
Brown paper packages with volatile things
That explode when I pull on the wrapping strings

Losing race ponies that shoot my caboodle
Door bell at midnight by neighbor with poodle
Vampire bats with the moon on their wings 
These are a few of my least favorite things

Boys in white dresses with blue satin sashes
Snowflakes that stay on the road and cause crashes
Silver white winters that won’t melt in Spring
These are a few of my least favorite things

When the day’s bright
When my heart sings
When I'm feeling glad
I simply remember my least favorite things
And then I start feeling bad.


Allyson & Jere said...

Clever, clever indeed! I suck at re writing lyrics to anything. Perhaps i can send you over some songs we're thinking of doing in workshop this summer and you can do the word re-writes for me? Please, pretty please?

Sue said...

You are a jewel! And I may just take this with me to my women's conference talk in Texas, if you don't mind. It's on happiness...and a little paradox can be a good thing. You can read the intro to the talk on my blog today, if you want to see what context I'd be using. Then let me know if you mind my borrowing this one. Of course, I will give you full credit...

I leave tomorrow am, so let me know asap, okay?


Emily Widdison said...

I'm going to be sharing this song often with my friends:)

Tahereh said...

haha!! i loved this :D thanks for the boost ;D

maxwell said...

hahhaa this is my favorite of your recent posts... looks like Maria's smelling something nasty

Jacqui said...